A safe, healthy balanced lifestyle defines the culture and vitality of Weyburn. The exuberance of a young, engaged population offers a wealth of social networking opportunities that create a welcoming atmosphere for new residents. The safe city environment supports the priority that residents place on an active, healthy lifestyle, creating an open, walkable atmosphere. Weyburn if proud of the richness of community life that is reflected in the wide variety of arts, cultural, and recreation options for citizens and visitors.

A close-knit neighborhood community with low crime rates, and economic strength makes Weyburn a place great for a family to live.  Rich in supports, the community values children and youth, with a vast network of high quality programs and recreation options.

Quality of public spaces and built environment is well known to have a direct impact on people’s lives and the way they feel. Weyburn is well known as one of the cleanest, most attractive communities in the province. Its enviable character is intrinsically linked to its natural surroundings.  Care is taken to ensure that the City is well maintained and is a natural extension of its surroundings. High quality public parks and green spaces, create a clean healthy environment.  Residents also enjoy beautiful rural surroundings including, lakes, parks and connection to the agricultural lifestyle.

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