The business community in Weyburn is a diverse collection of industry and corporate headquarters.  As the central community in the Southeast Region, in close proximity to the provincial capital City of Regina, Weyburn is an attractive business locale for skilled workers and young professionals.

Key Industry & Strengths


As the world looks to its farmers to meet an ever increasing need for food supply, Weyburn’s position as one of the largest inland grain gathering points in North America makes it a vital contributor to a timely issue. Weyburn sits anchored in its agricultural roots as the cornerstone for agricultural production in the region. Weyburn is home to four major implement dealers all of whom have undergone significant expansions in the past three years.

Oil & Gas

Weyburn has been long established as a central figure for the upstream oil industry in the province. Through investment in pioneering research projects and leading edge oil extraction technology. Weyburn based companies continue to advance innovation and development in the industry. The City’s youthful professional culture and educated workforce has made Weyburn an attractive locale for many national and local industry headquarters and a strategic location for industry service.

Public Sector Headquarters

As the central community in Southeast Region, Weyburn is the preferred locale for public sector and professional regional head offices, contributing an enduring inventory of stable employment opportunities. Weyburn’s proximity to Regina offers access to a wide range of supports and services. The stable, prosperous, business atmosphere attracts skilled professional from the larger centers to Weyburn.

Local Municipal Leadership

Investors are confident in the stable and sustainable business policies of local government’s. As leaders in fiscal responsibility, they are in the position to effectively manage the infrastructure and service demands of growth without interruption to the pace of the development. Weyburn’s commitment to ensuring availability of adequate housing options is giving area employers a competitive edge in attracting employees. Working collaboratively with stakeholders is the foundation of the City’s commitment to cultivating a sustainable environment for development opportunities.

The two municipalities; City of Weyburn and RM of Weyburn have taken a proactive approach to planning and development with the establishment of the Weyburn Regional Planning District Commission in 2010. Four years later the Weyburn Planning District is a model of excellence for intermunipal cooperation and planning ensuring that there is a clear dedication from all stakeholders to removing any barriers to growth and development in the Region.

Saskatchewan Advantages

Source: Investing Saskatchewan 

The province is a storehouse of natural resources and a powerhouse of value-added industries. The time to invest in Saskatchewan is now. It makes sense to look at Saskatchewan as a location for business:

  • A number of major economic forecasters expect Saskatchewan’s economy to experience negative growth in 2015 before picking up slightly in 2016. For 2015, the average estimate for Saskatchewan is -0.5%, eighth among the provinces. Forecasts from seven private forecasters ranged from -1.1% to 0.1%. For 2016, the average real GDP growth forecast for Saskatchewan is 1.6%, sixth among the provinces and slightly above the national rate of 1.5%.
  • New capital investment in Saskatchewan is estimated to reach $15.5 billion in 2015.
  • Saskatchewan’s government has worked to create a stable economic environment supportive of business and commerce.
  • The province is a low-cost and competitive jurisdiction
  • Saskatchewan offers excellent infrastructure with ongoing government reinvestment
  • There is a high capability her for innovation across a range of industries, and at lower cost than the U.S. and Europe
  • The province has an availability of natural resources for resource-seeking foreign direct investment (FDI), with excellent infrastructure financial stability and regulatory environment
  • Saskatchewan is Canada’s largest exporter per capita. The province may be small, but it has international reach.