Whether moving goods, services or people Weyburn companies enjoy easy access to an extensive transportation network with global reach. The ability to efficiently move goods make Weyburn the ideal location for several major manufacturing firms. Weyburn is well positioned for manufacturers looking to import, export or ship their goods both domestically and internationally.


Weyburn is ideally located at the intersection of two international highways ( #13 & #35) and the Redcoat Trail (Highway #13). Provincial Highway #39 is the main route to the 24 hours Canada/USA bored crossing at North Portal.

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Weyburn is served by the Soo Line Railway that connects Western Canada’s main rail line at Moose Jaw with the American rail centres in Minneapolis and Chicago.


The Weyburn Municipal airport is located in the RM of Weyburn and is a Transport Canada Certified facility. Weyburn Airport averages about 96 flights per month and includes Pan Canadian Petroleum, RCMP, air ambulance, crop spraying, a new parachute club, commercial charters, and recreational flying. Weyburn is located only one hour from the International Airport at the City of Regina.

Global Transportation Hub

Located only one hour from Weyburn, the Global Transportation Hub is Canada’s only autonomous and self-governing Inland Port Authority. The Global Transportation Hub provides rail access to all major Canadian ports, Gulf Coast ports and mid-western US trans-shipment points and trucking connections to all major networks including Trans-Canada, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Chicago and Mexico. This offers Weyburn based companies the benefit from connectivity to larger centers with the attractive economics of a smaller urban center.

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