As one of the fastest growing communities in Saskatchewan, Weyburn is recognized as one of the more desirable places to live and work. Weyburn is a dynamic community with a long history of dedication to providing an exceptional quality of life for residents. For the second year in a row, MoneySense Magazine named Weyburn the best place to live in the Prairies and the top community to raise children west of Ontario. Weyburn’s robust economy, home affordability, and low unemployment rate propelled the City to the fifth-best place to live in Canada! We came a long way since Weyburn was ranked the twenty-eight best place to live in Canda in 2016. Global economic conditions, particularly relating to agriculture due to the established agricultural roots and central location for the region has a positive impact on the business climate in the Weyburn region. Emphasis is placed on the development of a diverse economic base to ensure long standing business success in the Region.


  • According to the 2016 Canada Census, Weyburn is the second fastest growing City in southern Saskatchewan.
  • 51% of Weyburn’s residents are under 40 years of age, comapared to Saskatchewan’s 40%.
  • Some estimates project the population in the Weyburn region to double in the next 15 years.
  • With over $200 million in capital spending projects planned for that time period, Weyburn is dedicated to maximizing the opportunity that exists for existing and prospective business.
  • Weyburn is the largest inland grain gathering point in Canada
City of Weyburn:
Population: 10,870
City Area: 18.49 KM²
Source: 2016 Census
RM of Weyburn No. 67:
Population: 1,064
The RM of Weyburn is the rural land adjacent to the City.The towns of Ralph, Mctaggart,North Weyburn and the Weyburn Airport are included in the RM of Weyburn.
Source: 2016 Census
Key Distances: 
Regina, Saskatchewan: 115 KM
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: 372 KM
Calgary, Alberta: 836 KM
Winnipeg, Manitoba: 521 KM
Minot, North Dakota: 277 KM
70 km north of the U.S.A. Border

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